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October 4, 2021
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The safety of your business is crucial. Ensuring your office and workers are safe from vandalism, theft, or personal attacks ought to be the number one priority for your industry. Not only will it save you thousands of dollars in repair or replacement costs but also providing your employees with a safe and secure working space is critical to the achievement of your business.

While locks are an significant part safety, today's security demands call for a more sophisticated security alternative. Modern technology has made physical safety better than it has ever been. There are 3 fundamental safekeeping technologies crucial to keeping your staff and workplace assets secure from vandalism and theft attacks. These systems are essential to office security and are rapidly becoming the standard for modern businesses.


Standard metal keys can be stolen and replicated, are readily lost by employees, and can be difficult to use. Card access or keypad systems eliminate the need to copy and distribute keys to employees. Contemporary keypad and card access systems are popular with companies due to their easy operation and innovative control capacities. Employees may input using a 6-digit code, keycard, or proximity fob with access limited by time of day or security amount.


Virtually all break-ins occur through a doorway. Door alarm systems have become a very common security system for modern businesses. Whenever someone attempts to open a door during closed functioning hours or if a door is forcibly opened a high pitch frequency will be emitted often scaring away the intruder. Additionally, it may be connected to your local police force call system to inform authorities whenever there's a fracture in and assure that the situation is resolved quickly.

Door alarm systems have the added benefit of reducing the danger of burglary without sacrificing fire security. Exits that specific users or customers are not allowed to use except in the case of emergencies can be put as a door alarm requiring users or customers to leave out specified exits to prevent setting off an alarm.


Intercoms allow employees to communicate, either through video or voice chat, with people at an entry point at a facility. Businesses may also keep a constant log of entries and have the capability to issue/restrict individuals at any time. If needed companies can trouble virtual keys for easy access to designated individuals and streamline the safety of the whole facility.

The advantages of an intercom system include increased security at access points, restricted access to high-priority locations, and instant communication across a facility. Both voice and video-enabled intercoms deter criminal activity as people must identify themselves to input an entry way and this considerably increases the safety of your business.


If you're trying to find a home locksmith or business locksmith that could supply you industry-leading physical safety solutions, you have come to the right place! If you have any questions get in touch with us and we could supply more than 70 years worth of experience to your issue.

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