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3 TRIED & TRUE Procedures FOR SECURING Your House & BUSINESS IN 2019

March 9, 2021
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Comprehensive residential and commercial security options are an increasingly sought after commodity, and that trend is only continuing in 2019. While fresh high-tech solutions come out all the time, there are three tried and true methods of access control that we recommend to house and business owners most often fast locksmith seattles.

Master Key Systems

When a master key system is implemented, the company owner will have a key (the master key) that can open every door in the building. On the other hand, the keys of the employees or other building occupants will simply be able to open the doors of those areas they have been granted access to. With this method, business owners will have the ability to effectively restrict points of entrance and make sure people only go where they are licensed to go. Master keys can also be made on a top security keyway to make certain that they aren't being duplicated without consent.

Lock Rekeying

Should you eliminate a key or you are concerned that someone untrustworthy has a pair of keys for your house, your first instinct will probably be to replace your locks. But, there's a far more efficient option: lock rekeying. One of the most significant advantages of lock rekeying is that it's not as costly than removing and replacing your locks. It's a powerful locksmithing technique that will ensure that your old key will not work along with a newly-created one will. This is a superb way to protect both residential homes and commercial businesses, and effectively mitigates the threat generated by lost or stolen keys.

Door Alarms

Door alarms are incredibly useful instruments for companies due to their ability to prevent potential shoplifters. When you put a door alarm on a side or back door, it will go off anytime someone tries to leave through those doors unless the proper keycode is entered. This is helpful for keeping people from trying to creep out with merchandise unnoticed. Our door alerts come in a variety of alternatives and can be installed on virtually any door.

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