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September 26, 2021
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The fast locksmith seattles know that prospective thieves don't take a break in the summer. Before you venture out on your next vacation, use this checklist to make sure you and your belongings in your home are as safe as possible.

The fantastic news is very good security makes for better holidays! Knowing your residence is protected means you will worry less and be able to enjoy yourself more.

Have secure window and door locks: Windows and doors will be the first line defense towards protecting your home. To put it differently, these aren't places to skimp on protection! All locks and installations aren't considered equivalent: Invest in correctly installed deadbolts for all your doors. Consulting with your local locksmith and receiving the best locks for your home won't only make it more difficult to get in, but may deter the bad men from even trying to begin with!

Pause your mail service: Decide what to do on your paper and mail delivery in advance. There are pros and cons to this following choices and what you choose to do will depend on your unique situation. Fortunately, this has gotten much easier in recent decades. All you have to do is see this page on and make your request. Doing this a couple of days beforehand is best, however you may even ask the post office hold your mail as soon as the next moment.

Stop newspaper delivery: Again, this is has become quicker and simpler and can be done as late as the day before! Simply go to the local newspaper online and make your own request.

BUT depending upon your situation (i.e. -- gets your neighborhood recently been targeted by thieves?) , you may want a neighbor pick up paper and mail for the following reason: Burglars frequently watch our habits. If they notice the mailman and newspaper delivery is suddenly bypassing your home, it could be a very clear signal to them that you're out of town.

Consider your light and change up your lightbulbs: Lights that are left on 24/7 serve as a luminous beacon to prospective thieves. 1 inexpensive solution is to install dusk to dawn light bulbs in any outdoor fixtures, such as these.

Install outdoor motion detector lights: Nothing will give a prospective thief pause over a mild that pops unexpectedly. A number of sizes and shapes are offered from hard-wired options to battery-operated porch-lights. If you're going to leave on lights, be sure to leave on those that make sense to be left , like in bathrooms and hallways.

Don't hide your valuables in the Master Bedroom: Don't conceal things in here! In the event of a break-in, the Master Bedroom is one of the first places that a burglar will look. If you have to keep valuables in your bedroom, then be certain to keep them locked up at a secure home secure.
Of course, it's ideal to cope with many of these things well before your following vacay!

We know -- no one likes dealing with this stuff. But we promise you'll quiet those voices in mind that lead to us not enjoying the best areas of life as we should, sleep and complete appreciate that hammock time longer should you take these important precautions.


Here are a Couple of additional steps we take at the last moment, particularly when leaving our homes for over a couple of days:

  • Fix thermostats (don't turn away, as leaving your home too hot or cold, can result in other issues upon your return)
  • Turn off water main
  • Unplug major appliances use surge protectors on them
  • Be sure refrigerator doors are all closed
  • And last but not least, make certain that you remember where you put your house keys on your bag, so you don't need to call us when you get home!
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