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December 13, 2021
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Is your car door lock jammed or stuck at seattle. Is your door not locking properly? Don't take it to an expensive dealership for repairs, call us instead!


Automotive door locks have come quite a distance in the last couple of decades, from simple mechanical locks to advanced frequency transmitting microchips; automotive manufacturers have created some impressive technologies to guard our automobiles. And while the new technologies in door locks generally makes them work better, if something goes wrong it can be a large problem.

We utilize our automobiles' door locks every single day, and together with all that use chances are something will eventually go wrong and repairs will be required.

So what do you do if your car locks are not working? Should you try to do the repairs yourself? Should you call your automobile? Or in case you call an best locksmith in seattle?

Our experience is that attempting to perform the repairs yourself may actually cost you the maximum unless you've got the appropriate training and equipment necessary. Many times we have seen clients that attempted to repair their locks and have actually caused much more damage. In many cases, lock issues can be repaired, but by trying improper repairs you'll be able to cause more harm where they are no longer repairable. Now they will have to be replaced which is generally more expensive.

Do not take your car to a dealership, phone us rather

Taking your vehicle to a dealership for repairs is typically a better choice than trying yourself, but it's also generally the most expensive choice. Often time's dealerships will inform you the components will need to be replaced and they'll charge full retail price to all those parts, together with a $100 per hour labor charge.

This is because they make the most profit when you buy new components to them, even though these components could've been repaired.

At fast locksmith seattles, we always have our clients' best interests in mind. We will find the best option for you at the most inexpensive cost. As soon as we diagnose your car lock we'll first determine if the matter is repairable. If it isn't repairable, we'll install the same replacement parts a dealership would use, but usually for less than the full retail price you would pay at an automobile dealership.

If your locks will probably need replacement we will have the ability to match them to your present keys so you won't demand any new car keys.

Car Lock Issues We Can Help With:

  • Jammed or stuck door lock
  • Damaged door lock
  • Door'sticking' when closing and opening
  • Faulty door latches
  • Truck door not opening or locking
  • Replacement car door locks
  • Central locking system not working properly

In addition, we offer additional auto locksmith solutions at seattle including key replacement, Transponder programming, lockouts, and much more.

Don't wait to get your car locks mended!

Whenever your car locks begin not to function properly call us immediately. Lock issues do not go away by themselves and can lead to even more harm if not fixed straight away. What starts out as easy lock problems may lead to harm to a door's handle, latch door trim panel, and you might even bend the striker that's essential for proper door alignment.

Waiting too long to have your vehicle's locks repaired can lead to more harm resulting in additional costs that could've been averted.

There is also an increased security risk when your doors are not locking properly. The chances of someone breaking in and stealing your property or your vehicle increases and it isn't worth the danger. In many cases, insurance companies will not cover stolen items in the event the vehicle owner knew about the damaged lock and did nothing about it.

Do not wait to have your locks repaired, we offer 24/7 mobile emergency help in seattle and can come to your location. We make it as convenient as possible to our clients so that they do not have to worry.

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