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September 19, 2021
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As a company owner, you work hard to guard the well-being and safety of your workers and customers. You would not dream of intentionally putting them in harm's way, but sometimes what you do not know can put them at risk. That's the reason it's vital to ensure your building, such as your doors, is up to code and follows all safety regulations. Check for these common code violations and correct the issue before getting cited, or someone gets seriously hurt.


All exits must stay clear and cannot be obstructed (even for a few minutes while you complete a job ). This implies boxes, crates, carts, and equipment must be away from the exit door at all times. When an emergency arises, stopping to clear entry to the exit door may place lives in danger. Check storerooms and work places to be certain the exit door is not blocked.


It may be tempting to add deadbolt locks into your own exit doors to boost safety, but if traditional deadlocks are locked the door can't be opened quickly in an emergency. Choose to put in side hinge deadbolts or security hinges rather. These locks prevent would-be burglars from prying your doors open or putting the lives of employees or customers at risk.

The latching mechanism within an exit door has to be such it can be operated using a loose grip or closed fist. Door knobs do not match the bill, as they require a firm grasp and also the capacity to twist the knob. If your outlet doors have doorknobs rather than levers, then it is time to replace them.


The latching mechanism in an exit door has to be such that it can be operated with a loose grip or closed fist. Door knobs don't fit the bill, since they demand a firm grasp and the capacity to twist the knob. If your exit doors have doorknobs instead of levers, then it's time to replace them.


Many exit doors can be found in the rear of the construction or in rear rooms used for storage. It's easy to overlook unlocking the door when you enter your business in the morning, but needing to unlock it is a code violation and may place the lives of consumers and employees at risk should a crisis happen. Make sure everybody knows who's responsible for unlocking the door first thing in the afternoon.

Of course, there are other violations it's possible to face that have nothing to do with all the locks on the doors. Because your doors must be easy-to-access for everybody, including people in a wheelchair, there are strict regulations about height and space, too. In general, the entryway to the door has to be 32 inches wide with a clearance of 36 inches. For double doors, the width has to be at least 48 inches, and both doors should swing in the exact same direction. The hardware to start out the door must be located no higher than 48 inches from the floor, and it must not require the consumer to have a tight grasp or to twist the wrist to operate it.


If you require assistance with your doors to make sure you are compliant with both local and federal codes and your clients and employees are secure, The fast locksmith seattles can help. We provide emergency commercial support 24/7. Contact us today to start.

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