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September 7, 2021
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It's easy to get caught up in all the characteristics of modern access control technologies from video intercom systems to touchless entry devices. However, the equipment that is working behind the scenes is what really makes or breaks a facility's safety. One of the most vital pieces of an access system is the electric strike. So much is dependent on the attack, it's important to choose an electric attack that is high quality instead of just low price.


A"attack" is a metal plate that grabs a bolt or latch on a door restricting or granting doorway access. An electric attack goes a step farther by copying without manually turning a key. An electric attack can be activated remotely, releasing the latch and unlocking the door.

Once the strike is energized, the attack will discharge, allowing a door to be pulled or pushed open. It follows that a key isn't required. The attack can then be wired, to some keypad on the outside of the entrance, or to an intercom system at a desk somewhere inside.


A electrical attack acts as a standard strike on the framework until it's energized. They can be"fail-safe" or"fail safe" which determines if the strike stays locked or open in case of a power failure. Approximately 90% of the strikes are fail secure or non-fail-safe. This means that if the electricity fails or is turned off the lock will remain locked and won't open. Fail-safe is simply the opposite. When electricity is cut on the fail-safe lock will unlock allowing the door to be opened. Many companies use fail-secure locks and meet life safety codes since the hardware utilized supplies other emergency depart options like panic bars or alternative exit devices.

With no capability to release the door, via an electric attack, keypads and intercom systems wouldn't have the capability to open the door. That having been said, when contemplating options on electric strikes, it is always advisable to go with quality products. Though the keypads and intercoms have all the"cool" features, the electric strike is a crucial part of the system and indeed is the unsung hero.

Locating the right solution for your business can be difficult. Get in touch with the experts at the fast locksmith seattles today and we can help you find the very best products and set up the hardware in your own facility.

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