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High-Quality Locks Make Your Home Safe

July 30, 2020
Fast Locksmith
High-Quality Locks Make Your Home Safe

When it comes to keeping your home safe, you can't afford to leave room for any mistakes or oversights. Every year, around 2 million homes are burgled in the United States. That translates to more than four every hour. Breaking the number down further shows that 58.3 percent involve forcible entry. The good news is that overall annual home burglary numbers are trending down, but you still don't want to find your home part of those statistics. While many robberies occur because the thief is determined to break into a home and take the contents, others are opportunistic crimes. Criminals are generally searching for properties that look easy to get into. So, you want to make your home an unappealing target. Fast Locksmith Company is here to help if you require a licensed locksmith in Seattle. Call today for 24/7 locksmith services.

Burglary V Invasion

When talking about home robberies, it's helpful to define our terms as there is a difference between a burglary and an invasion. A home burglary is what occurs if a robber enters a property when nobody is home. Meanwhile, a home invasion refers to a situation where someone enters your property while you are in it.

How To Avoid Ever Locking Your Keys In The Car Again

For many people, fear of a home invasion and the prospect of having to fight off an intruder can keep them up at night. Statistically, however, your home is more at risk of being burgled during the day while you're at work. That said, if you work nightshifts and sleep at your home during the day, the risk of a home invasion is higher.

Make Your Home A Hard Target

When choosing a home to burgle, criminals well typically look for soft targets. A soft target is one that is defenseless and overall devoid of any situational awareness. One way to make your home a hard target is to stand on armed guard 24/7. As this is unfeasible, the next best way is to make sure all the windows and doors are securely locked.

High-Quality Home Locks

As leading Locksmiths in Seattle, we have some of the highest quality home locks on the market and know how to install them professionally for guaranteed home security. Our company only employs master locksmiths who have years of experience in their trade, so you can be sure we will install the best locks on your doors and windows. We are fully licensed and insured and provide both general and emergency locksmith services.

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