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Home Security Tips for Retirement Communities & Assisted Living

October 26, 2020
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The safety and health of all residents at a long-term care center is obviously the top priority of its own supervisors. Safety should be an attention not only externally, but within the center, too. Luckily, new improvements in safety technologies have made it feasible to maintain long-term care center residents more protected, improving both their security and their own families' peace of mind.

Whether you would like to boost security around the outside of the center or for every individual indoors, we could customize solutions to satisfy your targets. Have a look below at a few answers for regions of concern and phone us to begin!

Identify and Safe Exit Points
Residents of long-term care centers frequently struggle with memory problems like dementia and Alzheimer's disease. They might not recall where they are and might attempt to leave, risking their security.

Staff members and people need to have the ability to join the facility as required but at a controlled way. While visits will be permitted once more, protected entry points are particularly important during the period of COVID-19. Additionally, deterring trespassers should be a part of your entry safety program.

Security camera systems, an intercom system which informs staff members of anybody in the perimeter, and also double-entry doors will make certain you could continue to keep a watch out for anyone entering the centre.

Produce a Fire Safety Strategy
In any center, fire alarms are crucial to inform everybody in the construction about impending risks from fire or smoke. But they're somewhat more critical for long-term care centers, as lots of the residents will have restricted freedom and there'll probably be combustible medical equipment on the premises. We can gather a fire safety program which takes each these components into consideration and will keep you, your own citizens, along with your staff members secure.

Use In-Room Safety Systems
Frequently, residents of long-term care centers require extra security measures to stay completely safe inside their rooms. Beds with movement detectors, security rings or bracelets, along with other tracking technology may alert staff members of any problems after they occur or perhaps keep them from occurring in the first location.

Whether you need us to begin a new safety system from scratch or you want us to boost your current system, call fast locksmith Seattle now ! We can make it a lot easier to keep your house safe in order for your staff members may completely pay attention to your residents' requirements. By intercoms, access control systems, and learn key systems to movie cameras and fire safety systems, we're prepared to deliver your long-term care facility's safety strategy to another level.

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