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How Often Business Locks Should Be Rekey?

July 25, 2020
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How Often Business Locks Should Be Rekey

Let the professional 24 hour locksmith seattle of Fast Locksmith explain you how oftern you should rekey your lock. When you run an office complex, there are lots of locks for doors, file cabinet, as well as much more. Each of these locks is opened with a key, as well as these keys are typically accessed by countless employees as well as contractors within the work environment.

Changing the locks every time somebody has accessibility to your keys is impossible. Rekeying each time a staff member leaves can be pricey and ineffective, particularly for bigger firms. So how do you figure out when your office should rekey its locks?

Our Suggestion

If there is no immediate danger to your offices, it is still a great concept to rekey your locks with some level of consistency. Care is always strongly suggested, as it's feasible for simple mistakes to become significant security hazards.

9 Security Tips For Companies
9 Security Tips For Companies

We advise services rekey their locks anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. You can base this decision on a couple of elements such as the turnover rate at the business, just how simple the keys are to copy (ie, are they high-security keys?), the worth of what you're attempting to safeguard. The more these variables present security hazards the a lot more regularly you should be rekeying your locks.

Circumstances When You Ought To Rekey The Locks Immediately

There are some situations where it is necessary to rekey your locks as soon as possible. These consist of, yet are not restricted to:

  • Someone that ought to not have access to your key might have access.
  • Someone that has actually left the business or touched the key is a security threat.
  • Somebody has actually currently gotten into your home.
  • If you have any kind of factor to think that there is a threat to any of your locks or keys, rekeying them today must be your first top priority.

Key Options

Every time a person touches among these keys, there is a danger that they made a copy that they can make use of for dubious objectives in the future. In an excellent world, you would be able to make use of a key card or electronic access system to change the locks frequently, to make sure that nobody can ever before make a copy of your key without your understanding. Furthermore, the majority of accessibility systems maintain a record log of entrance as well as can be instantaneously readjusted for your companies' specific demands.

Call the Fast Locksmith service for experienced security solutions if you believe it may be time for your commercial locks to be rekeyed or if you prepare to update to a gain access to control system.

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