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March 21, 2021
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When you run an office building, there are dozens of locks for doors, file cabinets, and much more fast locksmith seattles. Every one of the locks is opened using a key, and these keys are often accessed by numerous contractors and employees within the workplace. Changing the locks every time somebody has access to your keys is hopeless. Rekeying each time a worker leaves can be costly and inefficient, especially for larger companies. So how do you decide when your workplace should rekey its locks?


If there is absolutely no immediate risk to your offices, then it is nonetheless a fantastic idea to rekey your locks with some degree of consistency. Caution is always advisable, as it is possible for easy mistakes to develop into serious safety threats.

We urge businesses rekey their locks everywhere from 6 months to two decades. It is possible to base this decision on a few aspects such as the turnover rate at the company, how easy the keys are to replicate (ie, are they high-security keys?) , the value of everything you are trying to safeguard. The more these variables present security dangers the more regularly you ought to be rekeying your locks.


There are a number of scenarios where it is crucial to rekey your locks straight away. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Someone which should not have access to a key may have accessibility.
  • Someone who has left the organization or touched the key is a security hazard.
  • Someone has already broken into your premises.
  • If you have any reason to believe that there is a threat to any of your locks or keys, rekeying them right away should be your first priority.


Every time someone touches one of these keys, there's a threat that they made a copy that they can use for nefarious purposes later on. In an perfect world, you'd have the ability to use a key card or electronic access system to change the locks frequently, so that no one can ever make a copy of your key without your knowing. Additionally, most accessibility systems keep a record log in entrance and can be immediately adjusted for your businesses' individual requirements.

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