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How To Avoid Ever Locking Your Keys In The Car Again

July 30, 2020
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How To Avoid Ever Locking Your Keys In The Car Again

It is always an unexpected event to find your keys locked within your car. It is one of those small events that occur in life that you just feel so out of control of your own life. And as soon as you realize that you slammed the door with the keys inside, we all get that same feeling of disbelief. Regardless of whether you lock your keys in the car on a regular basis or it is the first time, it is never at a convenient moment. If you have found yourself locked out of your car, you are going to need a professional Seattle locksmith such as Fast Locksmith.

We all know that owning and operating a vehicle comes with a full list of responsibilities and challenges. It offers the ability to come and go whenever you please, however, there is always the risk of your car breaking down or being involved in an accident. Like almost all machinery, they are impressive when they work perfectly, but can be downright miserable when an integral part breaks down. While we are all concerned about those large repairs, in many cases it is the small things that bring our lives to a grinding halt. Considering we are locksmiths by trade, you can guess that we are going to go down the path of locking your keys in the car as an example.

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You need to know exactly what to do when the time comes and you lock your keys in the car.

Tips To Avoid Locking Your Keys In The Car

If you are always concerned about the possibility of locking your keys in the car or you are an individual who simply can not stop locking them in there in the first place, these simple tips can help.

Always Use The Key Fob To Lock The Door

Almost every single modern vehicle is equipped with a key fob to lock your vehicle from a distance. We know that a lot of people still have the habit of locking the door before they shut it. This is one of the easiest ways to lock your keys inside of the vehicle. You have to get use to using the key fob on a daily basis. Consider the fact that you will not be able to lock your keys in the car as long as you are holding the key fob!

Have A Spare Key Created

Depending upon the type keys you have and the expense of getting a spare made, it is always a good idea to try and have at least two spare keys created Normal keys without the fob can easily be made at any local hardware store and the car dealership should be able to provide you with additional fobs. When you have your spare keys, you are going to need to find a place to put them. Some people will purchase magnetic boxes and place them in inconspicuous areas under their vehicles. Other people will keep a spare in their wallet or purse. If you travel locally, you can always keep a spare in your home or with a trusted friend.

Purchase The Brightest Keychain Possible

Consider the fact that if your keys are attached to you, they are impossible to lock in the car! Many people lock their keys in the car by setting them on the seat next to them as they fiddle with other things and lock the door. Having something colorful attached to them is a great way to get them noticed. Lanyards and keychains are inexpensive and a great way of keeping track of your keys.

Replacement Of Fob Batteries

If you have your keys in hand and the fob is not locking or unlocking your vehicle, it may be as simple as low batteries. In some cases, the fob is attached a traditional key, if the fob is dead, do not go back to using a traditional key. These types of keys are way too easy to lock inside of the car. In the case of a low fob battery, all you have to do is head over to the local auto supply store and get a replacement battery to ensure you have your keys in hand.

Call Upon The Services Of A Professional Locksmith

We deal with chaos in some form on a daily basis and even the most organized of us can lock our keys in the car. If you are in the Seattle area and can not get into your car, call upon the most dependable and trusty locksmiths in the area.

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