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How To Ensure Home Safety When You’Re On Vacation

July 27, 2020
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How To Ensure Home Safety When You’Re On Vacation

Are you thinking about taking a vacation during the coming warm months? Well you and several other thousand people are as well! According to AAA, four in ten Americans planned a summer vacation in 2020. Let the expert of Fast Locksmith in Seattle explain you the steps you can take to scrure you home before you go to vacation

All this trout one sounds like a great plan, it is essential to remember that your home is most vulnerable while you are away. The United States Department of Justice has stated that the summer months tends to have the highest amount of household crimes including burglary.

Why You Should Hire A Residential Locksmith
Why You Should Hire A Residential Locksmith

With increased hours of daylight, warm temperatures and individuals spending more time away from home, their summer season is prime time for crime. It is essential to know how to keep your home say and ensure that it is protected from burglary. The following steps are designed to help in that process.

  1. Improve Your Security With New Locks
    One of the easiest ways to ensure that your home remains safe regardless of the season, is to purchase high quality locking mechanisms. Over the course of years, older locks will suffer from occasional wear and tear. Once locking isms become weak they can no longer protect your home in the way it needs to be.

    Instead of purchasing a cheap lock set at your big brand store, you may want to invest in hiring a professional locksmith to ensure your locks are high-quality. A trained professional locksmith will examine all the locks in your house and make any recommendations that will fit your specific budget and needs.

  2. Securing Your Windows And Garage Doors
    The FBI has stated that 95% of all home invasions were due to forced entry via Windows, locks and doorways. More often than not homeowners tend to focus on the locks at the main entry point to the home including the front and back door. But keep in mind that there are many ways that a burglar could enter into your home.

    Before you head out on that incredible application, ensure that all your windows have been sealed tight and locked. Also ensure that your garage door has been locked properly to prevent the burglar from gaining entry via that way. Also be sure to remember the door between your garage and house way requires a sturdy lock as well. This is an easy entry point that is often forgotten.

  3. Keep in Safe With Camera Systems
    Even when you're not home, you still want to feel in control of your home. The camera system is one of the best ways to feel more secure and confident about your home. There are many affordable do-it-yourself options available online and at your local retailers. You can also consider hiring a professional to install a system throughout the home.

  4. Outdoor Motion Lights
    It should come as no surprise that many burglars try to act in the dead of night and simple motion detecting lights are not looked upon fondly. The lights can be installed throughout your property and will turn on whenever there is motion. Walt this is an inexpensive step it creates a big impact upon the safety of your property while you are on vacation.

  5. Preventing Yard Entry
    Your backyard can be one of the prime locations for a burglar to enter. Typically backyards include patios and lots a tree coverage, which makes it easy for a burglar to go unnoticed. It is important to take precautions to keep your backyard free and clear of unwanted trespassers. You may want to add a combination of cameras, motion detecting lights as well as fences and locks to create a safe and secure environment.

  6. Increased Front Door Security
    It may be impossible to believe but almost 34% of home burglaries happen at the front door While it is essential to ensure every aspect of your home is protected, you must pay special attention to the front entryway. You may want to consider a keyless entry lock, camera systems as well as motion detecting lights to ensure the highest form of security. By doing so, you are ensuring that potential burglar is passed by your home.

  7. Let There Be Life!
    You want to ensure that your home looks lived in while you are away on vacation. You may want to consider leaving a car in the driveway which will allow burglars to second-guess whether somebody is home are not. Also consider timers which will allow lights to go on and off throughout the house giving the appearance of somebody at home.

  8. Ask For Help
    Many times, when dealing with home security the best defense is going to be a great offense. Talk to the people who you trust about the safety and security of your home while you are away on vacation.

    Ask your neighbors to gather up your newspapers and mails and just check on your house. Uncollected mail and piles of newspapers on the driveway or telltale signs that nobody is home. You may even want somebody to go in and around the house and change the appearance of blinds and drapes and give the house a lived in. If you have somebody watering your plants are taking care of pets, ask them to leave various lights on throughout the time you're away.

  9. Don't Tell Social Media You Are On Vacation
    Burglars absolutely love social media as they can get in the timetable of when people are on vacation. Many burglars. Social media looking for vacation dates and have a complete timetable and know exactly when they can strike your home. All of those images of you on a plane or on a beach or telltale signs that your house is empty and ready for striking. In addition, always avoid geolocation on your social media pictures while you're on vacation. A much better option is to simply upload all of your pictures once you have returned!

If you intend on traveling this year, try to keep all of these tips in mind. Knowing that your house is safe and secure will give you added peace of mind during your vacation. If you are in need of new locks or security systems, contact your locksmith near me company today for a free consultation. They'll be more than happy to offer up very solutions that will work with your needs and budget.

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