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November 9, 2021
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Businesses have for a long time relied on the old fashioned lock and key system. Handing out keys to workers and constantly changing locks to keep security simply to re-distribute keys again is an outdated security procedure. Not only is it difficult to maintain but keys may be lost, stolen, also copied posing a significant safety threat. Modern technology has compact security and keyless entry systems are rapidly becoming a standard for modern businesses. Here are the 3 best options for updating your business's security.


With this lock, you are using your individual keypad code in order to put in your business with just a simple combination of a few buttons. This program is popular as it grants you better control over the ones that have access to your institution. Using a keypad entry system, it is possible to assign a temporary keypad code to a person requiring entry to your enterprise and then delete it later. Though if you are assigning codes to workers where you will find high mortality rates and you want to deny accessibility to a continuous flow of older users then other options may be more favorable.


Key fobs have lots of unique benefits. Fobs are awarded to each worker and are scanned at the door of any selected entry point outside or inside a facility. The scanner then detects if that person has clearance to enter that area of their facility and unlocks the entryway for them. The benefits of the system are that designated people can be allowed or denied access to selected areas at the facility. Similarly, rather than changing locks each time a worker leaves you can just deactivate their fob's accessibility to your centre. As a bonus, you may have a list of that has entered your centre whenever you might need it.


Intercom systems are an superb method of vetting individuals before they enter your facility. Most are video-enabled forcing individuals entering your construction to identify themselves and verify their clearance prior to a designated supervisor allows them access into the building. An additional advantage of the system is having video footage that is reviewable at any moment.


With over 70 years of commercial security expertise, the fast locksmith seattles can help you upgrade your security into a keyless system that fits your organization's needs.

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