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June 16, 2021
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Everybody understands that a standard lock key is very straightforward: You put the key into the lock and make it to access your business. However, not everybody knows that there's now a new alternative accessible to the standard lock and key are known as keyless entry systems, which includes fobs, key cards, and other Bluetooth®- enabled locks. These electronic access control systems are perfect for businesses that require a greater level of security in order to access the premises. In the same way, an perfect key management option for holiday rental properties, landlords, and property managers locksmithing.

What's a KEY FOB?

A key fob or closeness fob as it's also known as is a small security token that includes built-in authentication that grants or denies entry to the construction. The majority of us drive vehicles which allow us to remotely lock and unlock the doors. Key fobs are very similar to this except they are much more sophisticated. Because of these enhanced security features, key fob lock programs are getting to be popular among business owners equally.


Another keyless entry process is your keypad lock. With this lock, you are using your individual keypad code so as to put in your company with only an easy mixture of a few buttons. This program is popular as it grants you better control over those that have access to your institution. With a keypad entry system, you can assign a temporary keypad code to a person needing entry to your enterprise and then delete it afterward. Using a keypad locksay goodbye to the need for keys!


A Bluetooth® Keyless Entry Lock is among the most powerful and most intelligent security systems available. This deadbolt lock permits you to put in your company using an access code or your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®. These systems are the most advanced locks on the sector and permit you to talk to unlock your door with Siri® on any of your Apple apparatus. This lock process is straightforward, simple to use, and fashionable.


A traditional key and lock system makes it simple for thieves to gain access to a company as they all have to do is obtain a key, get a copy made, and then they're in. But keyless entry systems don't use keys. When a keyless lock has been installed at a business, every worker is issued a code, fob, or card that has been programmed to give him or her access into the building. This type of system may even restrict access to specific times of the day and record logs of employees hoping to input after hours. The business owner can easily create any necessary modifications to the system in real time, making this lock & key alternative very convenient. Keyless locks offer you a greater degree of security, providing business owners the peace of mind knowing that their premises are always secure & safe.

As an extra benefit of the key fob solutions and Bluetooth enabled systems, including the correct door hardware, can make these keyless entry systems plus a touchless entry option too. Depending on the door components, these systems may have additional protection from the spread of germs (for example, Covid-19) by preventing exposure between clients and workers on doorknobs or manages.

The fast locksmith seattles is proud to service across the nation as a trusted bodily security expert. Contact us now to upgrade your company' security technology!

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