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THE FEATURES OF AN ALARM LOCK Seattle locksmith experts

October 23, 2020
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proximity card access

In FAST Locksmith Seattle , we're huge fans of alert card access methods. They're the best answer for anybody who's seeking to update to a card entry system to their office space or business center. Switch to ID a pin code rather than supplying keys and always rekeying locks. You will be astounded at how simple it is! This will permit your construction to track many elements having this form of system and also have complete access management. As your regional business safety specialists, we have detailed the most important advantages of all alert locks below.


Ordinarily, an individual using an alert lock system utilizes a prox card or a pin code, however you can really have ! In case you've got a room on your facility which needs additional safety, you can define the door needs both a pin and a prox card for entrance. This ensures that a stolen card or pin code can't be utilized, without confirmation from another credential. Having both alternatives will increase the safety of your office area. As commercial locksmiths we highly suggest this alternative! As a consequence, that you may have a particular card or pin code which has the choice to leave the door open for any amount of time. This implies that if you're transferring boxes or merchandise to an area for an elongated time period, you wouldn't need to keep entering a code to acquire entrance. Additionally, you would have the choice to lock the door sooner, if necessary. Having a vacation or weekend, you might have a day your office closes sooner than usual. In the event the alarm is programmed to lock 5:00 PM, you can employ your toggle card code to automatically lock it sooner.


most of us know you are able to get reports and extract information in the machine, but many users barely ever get into the reports. Start looking for accessibility entrances or refused requests so you're able to address problems before they become a larger issue. Not only does this save you plenty of headaches and possible support requirements, but it may even stop attempted burglary! This feature will let you always control access to a own commercial office. The wireless components will coexist with existing units which aren't wireless, so that they could be handled on precisely the exact same database. Better still, you can buy a bundle that will update your present locks to wireless components!


Wish to give anyone access to a space, without needing to circle back afterwards and revoke their accessibility? Give them a 1 time code! This code is really self-explanatory, it's basically only a pin code which may be used once and then left "away" from the machine after it is used. It is a terrific way to provide contractors access to some distance on a weekend. CALL FAST LOCKSMITHS TODAY!
Do you've got any questions regarding your present alarm lock program or would like to update or replace your system?

We would like to make certain you have full access control and safety inside your office area.

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