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Tips On Choosing A Locksmith

July 29, 2020
Fast Locksmith
Tips On Choosing A Locksmith

Here at Fast Locksmith, we are Seattle Locksmith company. Keeping your investments safe and secure is our number one priority. Not only are our locksmith services unmatched, but we also deliver good customer service for the best professional experience. We're proud to serve you, but even before settling for us, here is a list of considerations to make for you to pick the best locksmith company.

Things to Find Out as a Locksmith
Things to Find Out as a Locksmith

We can guarantee that this list is genuine, and will lead you back to us, with good reason:

  1. Recommendations - The easiest trick in the book before spending your money on anything is talking to someone who has had credible experience with it. While online reviews do help, they might not be necessarily posted by credible sources, but by the owner of the business. In fact, some unreputable review sites simply give the highest rating to the highest bidder. That said, seek recommendations from people who have worked with the locksmith company before to verify their professionalism. We enjoy new customers from previous customers' recommendations so ask someone about us!
  1. Reviews - Despite having some bad reputation, some reputable companies post genuine reviews. Supposed one-on-one recommendations are far from reach, or you're probably just new in Seattle, online reviews will come in handy. The Better Business Bureau is a credible online review site and is reliable for locksmith companies as well.
  1. Credentials/Insurance - Training and professional credentials are essential for certified services. Before engaging your potential company, make sure they have their credentials, and most of all, are insured. Locksmiths are handymen and use technical equipment so breakage and damage of property in the process, though rare, is not unusual. That said, a good company will be insured, so that they can be liable for their damages. Credible companies also ask for verification of property ID from the owner so if the company fails to do this, you might be dealing with a quack.
  1. Get An Estimate - It is best practice for a legitimate locksmith company to offer a no-obligation price estimate that has no extra hidden costs. Normally, they do this after the initial call when a client expresses the need to procure their services. This is part of efficient service and professionalism. It will also reveal red flags if there are any.
  1. Trust Your Gut - Unfortunately, some unprofessional and low-quality service locksmiths will be very good at marketing, and the only way to call them out is to trust your gut. Whenever something feels off, perhaps there are some signs of mistrust, seem to be unsure about lock replacements and repair services, simply cut them short. This is the only way to guarantee authentic services.
  1. Watch Out for Red Flags - As with any security business, you have to watch out for scammers.

    If you spot any of the following red flags, the service could be a scam:
    • Impersonating other local businesses
    • Hidden charges (ask before accepting a service)
    • Being directed to a call center when you dial a local number.
    • Claims that a lock cannot be picked and must be replaced which costs more

Wind Up.

If a locksmith company ticks all the boxes, then you can be guaranteed of great services and maximum security for your household and commercial premises. As you evaluate your company, remember to include Fast Locksmith into the evaluation. We also want to be put to test, so that we can prove the authenticity of our services even before visiting your home. For more information about Fast Locksmith, give us a call and speak to our able representatives who will answer any queries that you may have!

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