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July 5, 2021
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Property crime is something on every business owner's mind. Even if a company carries insurance, then the out-of-pocket cost can reach thousands of dollars for lost inventory, property damage and business interruptions. The very best method to save this cash is to be proactive and invest in effective security to prevent crime before it happens.


Stop crime with visual deterrents. By showing criminals that you are prepared for them, you can simply and effectively send them packing. Post signs that claim your company is under 24-hour surveillance, even if it is not. Post a sign on your enroll claiming that surplus cash is deposited at a drop safe which workers cannot access. Install a height marker beside your door to create exiting criminals easier to identify.

Train your employees how to identify potential criminal activity. Employees should know the warning signs of a potential robbery, like waiting for other clients to leave the store before approaching the register or loitering outside the shop until a few minutes before closing time. Tell employees how they should react during a robbery and what they need to perform immediately after one.

Avoid surprises by improving visibility. Keep screens low to make it easier to see what everyone in the store is doing. If there are blind spots in your store, put in a wide-angle mirror to track the region. Keep away from window displays that obscure your line-of-sight so that your employees can easily see what's going on outside.

Switch up things. Change the time and route you take your everyday deposit to the bank. Criminals will often spend weeks watching to learn your customs before they make their move. Never carry money on your hands, and, if at all possible, attempt to have two people create the drop-off.


Install protected doors and gates. Standard locks and plate-glass windows will do very little to prevent a dedicated robber armed with a baseball bat or crowbar. Installing top notch deadbolts and security gates is a great deal more effective.

Purchase a protected. Businesses with valuable product that remains at the shop overnight need to procure their stock in high quality safes. Guarantee that the secure you select is designed for safety and not simply for protection against flames. Have a professional security company install your protected for best outcomes.

Hook up an alarm. Alerts will alert the police and you that someone broke into your small business. Pick an alarm which links directly with the local police department instead of a monitoring support. If you purchase a silent alert, then find the way to bring a panic button which employees can discreetly press when a robbery is set up.

Would you want to learn more about what safety measures would be best to guard your business? Contact the team at The fast locksmith seattles and one of our experienced professionals will be happy to discuss your needs with you.

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