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July 29, 2021
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The new year is the best time to enhance the safety of your company by updating your existing access control system. As a commercial building owner, you're probably concerned about who has access to a building at any given time. Access control systems provide access to people who should be in the construction and keep people who should not be out. These digital systems typically use key cards to control building access whilst allowing you to track who enters and exits. With the ability to restrict or limit access remotely, you can keep unwanted guests and disgruntled workers out while enabling contractors and other sellers in.

Keeping your system current with the latest progress in commercial security is essential for ensuring that your business is well protected. Access management technology is continually evolving, and also the best way to protect your building would be to keep up with the latest progress.


There are several reasons why you should think about updating your access control system in the new year.

Malfunctioning System -- If your access control system is malfunctioning, it might not work correctly when you want it to. Beyond that, it's usually more costly to repair a broken system than to keep and update a working system.

Missing Key Cards -- In case you've got a large number of key cards that are missing, it may be time to upgrade the machine to make sure each employee has access to some key card.

Outdated Software and Equipment -- Technology is continually evolving and changing. New features might help to produce an entry control system more secure or technologically noise.

Rapidly Growing Company -- The cost of installing an access control system normally scales based on the amount of workers you have. If your business is growing, it's more affordable to upgrade your system sooner rather than later.


Access control technology evolves rapidly, which means that you might be missing out on features that could benefit your business. A Few of Those new features include:

Better Security -- Old key cards can easily be cloned with gear that's readily available online, which makes it relatively simple for hackers to get into your building. This allows hackers the ability to put in your building. Newer cards have better security features to safeguard against the most recent kinds of hacking.

Integration Options -- Newer access control systems allow you to incorporate more than simply door access with your system. Newer systems permit remote control of security cameras, voice-activated security controls or perhaps connect lighting attributes to the card, permitting someone to shut the lights off or turn them on in their workplace when they enter or leave the building.

Newer accessibility Credentials -- wider systems give you more control over who can get what with their key card. . You are able to accurately monitor who enters and leaves the building and at what time together with all the key cards. Together with the ability to disable cards faster and liberally, you can protect your company if a card is lost or a worker is terminated.

We strongly advise you to not try upgrading your access control system without the help of a trained practitioner. Having an expert business locksmith in your side who specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of advanced access control systems is key to appropriate protection. Here in The fast locksmith seattles, we can help you with all of your commercial access control system needs. Contact us now and let us talk about how we can make 2021 a more secure year.

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