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Picking lock

When it comes to unlocking a door without keys, no one can’t foresee when it will happen, but it may occur at any moment. If you find yourself shut out of your home or unable to enter a particular space, you must have a working knowledge of how to open a lock without a key.

It isn’t unusual to see water damage coming in through your front door when you get home. Read these tips on unlocking a locked door without a key if you ever find yourself in this situation.

If you ever find yourself in a position where you don’t have a key, the only thing you can do is learn how to unlock your locked door in various methods. Most of the most effective strategies are included in this manual. You should know how to unlock a door without a key so that you are always prepared whenever the time comes. 

How To Unlock A Door Without A Key

The problem comes uninvited. One must be prepared all the time. In this case, you might face lock issues at least a few times in your life. You might need to unlock doors without keys. That is why you need to know how to unlock a door without a key. We’ve listed a few ways below. 

Use A Credit Card For Your Locked Door

Unlocking door with credit card

You can open a spring lock by using a credit card. Even though it does not work with deadbolts, this will work with spring locks. Invest in a cheap, disposable one; even if it cracks, no loss. The ideal option is a flexible, laminated card.

If you can manage to get your hands on it without damaging it, you should do so. When you bend it back, you force the bolt back into the frame, allowing it to be unlocked.

To get around a lock that’s too close to the door frame, you can slam your card into the place between the door to get around the lock. Then, swiftly swipe the card down while angling towards the frame. Use thicker and more durable cards for this job. Not all doors will open using this method.

Screwdriver For Lock Picking 

Using screwdriver to unlock doors

You can use a little screwdriver or thin tool for lock picking locked interior doors. Interior doors with “personal handles” are compatible with this locking mechanism. Look for a little notch on the handle if you cannot open the door from the other side. You can also use paper clips or a little butter knife to pull up the screw of your interior door. Turn and twist it till it grabs a gap, and the latch snaps open after you’ve pushed it as far as possible.

Lock Picking Tools For Your Door Lock

You can also use lock picking improvised tools to see if you can get the doors unlocked. Picking a lock demands the use of a lock picking set. They also come with different-sized tools that can get into any lock. Lock picking sets must be of the highest quality to ensure long-term performance; furthermore, if you need to know how you can do lock picking on warded locks, use this tool. 

Lock Picking Method: 

You must take your time and go through the whole set of instructions since they are pretty complex. Insert the short end of the Allen/ tension wrench into the keyhole’s bottom edge. Spin the angled latch bolt gently in the key-turn direction using a little force. Use untwisted paper clips with a little kink at the end, and steadily apply some pressure.

Scrubbing Method:

Carefully insert the paperclip at the keyhole’s bottom end, and raise the paperclip up and back. Using an “Allen/ tension wrench,” twist it in a clockwise direction until you feel the lock moving slightly. It’s essential to maintain a constant level of pressure when this occurs.

Pin By Pin:

If the scrubbing technique does not work, use the pin-by-pin procedure, which applies mild, constant pressure to the Allen wrench/ tension wrench while slowly inserting the paperclip. Try to grab the paperclip on the curve and raise it. Stop once the pin clicks into position once the paperclip comes into contact. Repeat with more key pins until you can unlock the lock

Bobby Pins

You can use a bobby pin to unlock a closed door in the same way as a lock picking tool, but this will take more time and effort. To carry out this task, you’ll need two bobby pins; make sure they are precisely bent. Bend the first bobby pin at the hinge so that the two free edges are parallel to the pin and mimic the key. Bend the second bobby pin into a straight, long piece using the hinge. Make a pick out of one end by bending it slightly. To spin the locking cylinder, push each holding pin out of the line one at a time.

Now, remove the hinges. Use a flathead screwdriver of the standard size to wedge between the thumb and the pin—Hammer down on the grip of the screwdriver. Once the pin and the head are free, remove them.

This should be done on all of the hinges. If the pin doesn’t come out, use a Phillips-headed screwdriver.

Using a hammer, smash the lock to pieces. Most of the time, calling a locksmith or the non-emergency number of the local fire department is the better option. Blow on the lock or the doorknob repeatedly until it dislodges from the frame.

Bump Key

using bump key for unlocking a locked door

Lock bumping requires using a specific set of tools, such as the lock above picking technique. These tools are simple to get by. Using bump keys is the only way to get into this lock. Even if you find s a key here, do not be shocked. You will still be able to open the door without one since bump keys are not regular keys.

Use a screwdriver or hammer to provide pressure on the bump key, which you need to put into the keyway. The bump key’s pins lift the driver’s pins over the shear line when pressed down. The door opens without the need for a key at this very point if you apply the correct force.

How To Open A Jammed Locked Door

You either push or pull on the door when you press a key. As you tamper with the key on a jammed door, you’ll need to push down on the door to prevent the lock from bending at an inconvenient angle. Be careful to push in all directions to see how it feels.

Use Force

The more force you use, the less likely you will fall after the door has been fully opened. Both directions of the key should be turned. To open a door, there is no predetermined direction in which way a key will unlock a door.

Turn The Key In Both Directions

If you turn the key farther towards the “lock” direction, it occasionally frees the lock, even though that is not the direction it was supposed to unlock. It’s possible that you can release the stuck key by rotating it back to the opposite way quickly and smoothly once it’s slightly unattached. 

Grease-free Lubricant

Choose a grease-free lubricant like graphite powder to lubricate the lock. Oil might cause the lock to door jamb even more after drying out; still, it will work for the time being.

A single, quick spray or press is enough when applying lubricant to the keyhole. Excessive lubrication can damage the door. You may even use WD40 as a spray. You can also use oil or graphite pencil tips to get out of the room.

See If There Is A Broken Or Bent Key

Take a close look at the locks and the keys. A broken key or a bent key might be the source of the issue. If you happen to have a clamp-on hand, you could bend the key and bring it back into its previous flat position and use it as a temporary solution.

As quickly as possible, go to a hardware shop and get new keys. Make sure you know when you should use force. It’s possible that the door is not locked but stuck, in which case a couple of thumps would free it.

After lubricating the lock, it may assist in striking the lock multiple times to displace the sticking pin tumbler lock if the lock’s stuck.

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